Honey CBD Gummies

Organic CBD Honey EST. 2017 Four Flavors Meadowfoam Tastes Like Vanilla Toasted Marshmallow Wildflower Star Thistle Blackberry Naturally Flavored Best CBD Honey, Bee well. Goodbye corn syrup, hello honey! This CBD Gummy is made with real honey, real oranges, & real turmeric, then coated in natural water-soluble Vitamin C crystals.

Bumble B. Well CBD

Bumble B. Well started with Blackberry CBD Honey back in 2017. What makes ours the BEST CBD honey? Our proprietary formula that tastes amazing and is highly effective in bringing you balance and relief. Our unique and delicious flavors show you just how versatile raw, natural honey can be with flavors like Meadowfoam and Star Thistle. The beatiful flowers of Limnathes Alba also known as White Meadowfoam are native to OR. Meadowfoam CBD honey is flavored naturally by sunshine and honeybees and tastes like vanilla toasted marshmallow MAGIC. Star Thistle is rare and the number one sought after honey in the US. This monofloral honey has hints of cinnamon and almonds. It has a gentle sweet finish you must experience. Our eco-friendly compostable CBD honey sticks are perfect for a busy summer on the go.

We’ve expanded our product line to include a variety of ways to include CBD in your healthy lifestyle. CBD Topicals like our Bee Balms and CBD Bath Salts are a great option for localized relief or a relaxing full body experience. CBD Tinctures are perfect for the sugar free or keto friendly. Our CBD gummies are convenient, vegan and gluten free.

You won’t find any artificial colors or additives in our products. Only organic raw honey, healing botanicals and certified organic, non GMO isolated hemp extract. All of our handcrafted products are THC free, made with your optimal health in mind. We specialize in exceptional health and wellness products made with botanicals and love.

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Orange Turmeric Honey Drops | CBD Gummy

The Brothers Turmeric Orange Honey Drops are made with 100% real honey, real oranges, and real turmeric, then coated in natural water-soluble vitamin C crystals.

30 count • Estimated 25mg Per Honey Drop (15mg CBD, 5mg CBG & CBN)

Made with Oregon Honey, Organic Turmeric & Organic Orange

Contains CBD, CBG and CBN (750mg Total, 450mg CBD)

NO Corn Syrup, Added Sugars or Artificial Ingredients

Coated in Naturally Derived Vitamin-C Crystals

What do Turmeric Orange CBD Honey Drops taste like?

Our Turmeric Orange Honey Drops are flavored with 100% real turmeric and orange peel. The Brothers CBD Honey Drops are NOT your average CBD gummy. These are made without high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, or other processed sweeteners: instead, we only use real Oregon-harvest honey.

The real food ingredients give this gummy a semi-sweet & tart taste, with a floral honey flavor. Each gummy is coated in natural water-soluble vitamin C (ascorbic acid) giving a tart, vitamin-boosted exterior.

What makes The Brothers’ Honey Drops special?

Our CBD Honey Drops are one of a kind — and the first of their kind. We ditched the refined sugar found in almost every other gummy, as well as the animal-based gelatin, and instead opted for a sustainable harvested, local ingredient: Willamette Valley, Oregon honey.

Honey Drops contain PURE, REAL honey. They are filled with the same nutrients, vitamins, and minerals as real polyfloral honey, as well as all the natural variations in taste you enjoy as the seasons change. We don’t use heavily refined honey shipped across the world, either: our honey is sourced from happy bee’s right here in Oregon. We lightly strain the honey to remove large particles and impurities, and what’s left goes into our Honey Drops.

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When should I eat Honey Drops?

Honey Drops are excellent for any time of day. They contain a full spectrum range of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG and CBN. They are excellent before bed, helping calm the mind and relax the body. They relieve occasional aches and pains, supporting better rest that results in waking up clear and refreshed.