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A summary of the top U.S.-based suppliers of CBD gummies, including company summaries, location, and year founded. A contract manufacturer and distributor for THC & CBD infused consumable liquids, dry goods, and health & wellness products.

Top CBD Gummies Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

CBD gummies, soft gelatin candies containing the hemp-based cannabinoid chemical, are a popular way of ingesting it among a number of other food-based concoctions. CBD acts upon receptors in the nervous system to produce an effect similar to that produced by the chemical THC but without the psychotropic element. Hemp and cannabis are both sources of CBD and THC but the THC levels are much lower in the hemp plant so its use does not generate a cannabis-like high. To learn more about the types of CBD products and how to start a business around cannabis, see our related guide How to Start a Cannabusiness.

Scientific research into the validity of CBD as a health aid remains inconclusive, yet anecdotal evidence points to various therapeutic benefits, such as an improved appetite for chemo patients, reduced stress, sounder sleep, and overall improvement in mood. The FDA treats CBD as it does many nutraceuticals and formulations that are sold by the health supplements industry, namely that it does not endorse or attest to the product’s claims of health benefits or its use to treat any disease or condition.

For CBD gummies intended for ingestion, buying them from a cGMP certified manufacturer ensures that the current best practices of sanitation and other matters related to manufacturing, packaging, etc. are in place, providing a degree of consumer confidence. Most makers of ingestible CBD products will post compliance status and information on their websites.

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CBD edibles are available in many common concoctions with the gummy soft gelatins in an assortment of flavors especially prevalent. Most, if not all, suppliers of CBD gummies offer other edible forms as well. The market for CBD has grown significantly enough in recent years that many CBD product makers have established retail stores in addition to web sales, often offering consultation and free trials. While the federal government has legalized the sale of all hemp-based products, legality still varies from state to state. Web-based vendors are restricted by state laws as to which states they can ship their CBD products. Most states abide by the federal policy regarding hemp-based products but there are a few outliers, so consumers should check to see what their state’s regulations are concerning the sale and use of CBD products such as gummies.

To learn more about the manufacturing process for CBD gummies, see our related guide on How CBD Gummies are Made.

Top U.S.-Based Suppliers of CBD Gummies

Table 1 below ranks the U.S.-based suppliers of CBD gummies by year established (if known) listed in ascending order. Shown in the table are the company names, city/state location, business activity, the year in which the company was founded, and the estimated annual sales volume in U.S. dollars where data was available.


We help companies formulate, manufacture, and distribute THC & CBD infused products.


We help with it all, from formulation to distribution.


We’ve knocked down the majority of the hurdles, so you don’t have to.

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Easy Product Development

With access to multiple flavoring houses, labs, and premium THC & CBD extracts that can be infused into any product without changing the taste, we make the product development cycle a breeze.

Improved Cashflow

By offering low minimums on production runs, we allow brands to tie-up less cashflow in inventory and logistics, which ultimately helps product evolution cycles.

Legal Compliance

The heart of our operation revolves around compliance. We have a multi-stage manufacturing process that keeps us legally compliant for both THC & CBD related products.

Velocity To Market

By offering a turnkey development, manufacturing, and distribution solution, we help companies dramatically improve their velocity to market for new product launches.


We’re a manufacturing platform with several different core strengths.

Legal Compliance

The core of our business revolves legal compliance. Between Cannabis State Regulation and food processing compliance to FDA standard, we’re always focused on maintaining compliance.

Infusion Technologies

We’ve licensed some of the most cutting edge cannabis infusion technologies. Allowing us to infused nearly any product with THC and/or CBD without any separation, taste, discoloration, or clarity issues.

Child-Resistant Packaging

Child-resistant packaging is a lot more involved than it may seem, especially from a legal perspective. In order to maintain compliance, we’ve gone as far as custom molding our own packaging to create an array of options for our customers.

Pasteurization & Processing

What really sets us apart is our sophistication that revolves around the pasteurization & processing liquids. Our ability to bring new products to market that are shelf-life stable and safe for consumption is the best in the industry.

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Quality Control & Lab Testing

Every product that’s produced in our facility is tested for quality control purposes. Between microbial growth, shelf life, infusion dosing level, and more, we make sure that everything we produce is safe for consumption.

Distribution Ready

Once our products have passed quality control, they’re staged to be delivered to distribution. As a company, we also have a highly sophisticated distribution arm that our customers can leverage to get their products to market.