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CBD Gummy Manufacturer Guide

Looking for a reliable CBD gummy manufacturer? With so many options available, it can be helpful to learn more about your options before you narrow down on a final choice.

Offering full vertical integration, above-and-beyond compliance, end-to-end lab testing, and more, GVB Biopharma is the world’s preferred manufacturer of bulk CBD gummies. In this guide, find out what CBD gummies are, why consumers want them, and how to find the best bulk supplier for your CBD gummy needs.

What are CBD gummies?

A CBD gummy is a sweet, sometimes sour, chewy, fruit-flavored edible product that contains high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD). Non-intoxicating yet highly beneficial, CBD has gained massive popularity worldwide over the last decade, and gummies are among the most popular types of CBD products.

What are CBD gummies made out of?

CBD gummies generally consist of a thickener, like pectin, and a sweetener along with various ingredients added for coloring or flavoring. The right bulk CBD gummy manufacturer will be happy to work with you to develop the exact type of custom CBD gummy formulation that’s right for your needs.

What are the benefits of CBD gummies?

Consumers like CBD gummies because they’re tasty and convenient while still potently providing the benefits of CBD. Popular among individuals who dislike the inherently bitter taste of hemp, CBD gummies cover up any unwanted flavors while adding a layer of carefree fun to the CBD experience.

How are CBD gummies manufactured?

Compared to some bulk CBD products, the CBD gummy manufacturing process is relatively simple. First, a formulation is decided upon that will fulfill all the client’s needs. Then, the formulation is created in a heated, liquid state.

Next, the liquid CBD gummy formulation is poured into molds, where it then cools and solidifies into a stable shape. Finally, the hardened gummies are placed inside airtight containers, and labels are applied prior to shipment.

What are the features of CBD gummies?

CBD gummies vary considerably based on a few categories. They can contain a variety of different concentrations of CBD, for instance, and they can include full-spectrum , broad-spectrum, or even isolate CBD.

In addition, the flavor, sugar content, and types of flavoring and sweetening ingredients used can fluctuate wildly among bulk CBD gummy options. Some companies focus on all-natural, organic ingredients, but don’t assume that all CBD gummy companies treat the health and safety of your customers with the same degree of seriousness.

Can I buy CBD gummies in bulk?

Yes, CBD gummies are available to purchase in bulk online. Worthwhile CBD white labellers will be able to supply either pre-formulated CBD gummies in a variety of options or offer to work with you to develop custom formulations. Do your research to make sure you’re getting the highest-quality white label CBD gummies for the lowest price.

What is a CBD private label gummy manufacturer?

A private label CBD gummy manufacturer is a company that produces CBD gummies in bulk and then puts your brand’s label on the bottle. For many CBD companies, white labeling is the easiest and most cost-effective option while also ensuring a higher caliber of quality than small companies can usually offer on their own. As a result, working with a CBD gummy private labeller is quickly becoming the default option for CBD brands around the world.

Hallmarks of a reliable CBD gummy manufacturer

What sets trustworthy CBD gummy manufacturers apart from the crowd? There are five features you should look for in prospective CBD private labelers above all others, and we’ll discuss each of these decision-making variables below:

Full vertical integration

Offering full vertical integration means a CBD gummy manufacturer controls every aspect of the production process from beginning to end. Full vertical integration is a sign that a company has achieved a level of self-sufficiency that prevents products from becoming cobbled-together messes.

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High-quality ingredients

Even if consumers won’t know the difference, ingredient quality matters. If a CBD gummy manufacturer cuts corners in its ingredients, that means they probably aren’t being entirely honest with their clients, either.

Custom formulations available

You might not want to be stuck with the products everyone else is offering, which is why offering customized formulations is so important when you’re selecting the right CBD gummy manufacturer. If a hemp white labeller refuses to accommodate your customization requests, try a different company.

Comprehensive lab testing

It’s normal for hemp white labelers to do their own lab testing —that’s part of full vertical integration. If this testing isn’t rigorous or consistent, however, problems are bound to emerge. As a general rule, CBD private labellers should test their products at every stage of production: seed, harvest, extraction, and final formulation.

Across-the-board certification

There’s nothing shady about the hemp industry anymore, and responsible CBD gummy white labelers go out of their way to offer full transparency by acquiring as many relevant certifications as possible. The more certifications a CBD bulk producer has, the more reliable they are likely to be.

How do you choose the right private label CBD gummy manufacturer?

When you’re choosing the right manufacturer to help your CBD gummy dreams take flight, there’s no reason to rush into things. Take the time necessary to fully vet the company before you make a final decision—write down a list of questions to ask your sales rep, research the company’s reputation online, and don’t be afraid to ask some tough questions as you make absolutely sure you’ve found a good match. In the end, making a decision that results in a mutually beneficial, long-term business relationship is more important than getting your new CBD gummies in your hands as soon as possible.

How do I get started with CBD gummies?

To get started with your very own line of high-quality CBD gummies, contact GVB Biopharma customer care today. A representative will walk you through our process and answer any initial questions you may have.

Depending on the circumstances, you could arrive at an agreement and begin production the next day. If you’d prefer to take your time, though, that’s certainly an option as well. Your customer care representative will provide you with everything you need to approach the process at your own pace.

CBD gummy manufacturer FAQ

To finish up, let’s answer a few common questions related to white labeling CBD gummies:

1. What is a CBD gummy contract manufacturer?

“CBD gummy contract manufacturer” means the same thing as “CBD gummy white labeler” or “CBD gummy private labeller.” In the world of bulk product sales, the term “ contract manufacturer ” is sometimes used to describe a company that produces products for another business. The right CBD gummy contract manufacturer will listen carefully to your needs and deliver a product that fully exceeds your expectations.

2. Is small-scale gummy-making equipment worth it?

Usually, it’s not worth it for a small-or-medium business to invest in its own gummy-manufacturing equipment. The types of gummy machines that fit within the budget of a small business don’t provide the high-quality results today’s competitive market demands, and investing in high-end equipment is not economically feasible. As a result, it’s best to rely on a private labeller to make your gummies for you.

3. How do I find a CBD gummy manufacturer in California?

GVB Biopharma services CBD brands based in California, the rest of the United States, and various locations around the world. As a California-based business, it is not necessary to purchase bulk CBD gummies from a company that is also based in the Golden State, and expanding your options to the rest of the country results in a wider pool of potential suppliers.

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Competition is one of the main drivers of quality regardless of the industry in question. Limiting yourself to CBD gummy manufacturers based in your home state will lead to reduced quality and diminished customer satisfaction.

4. How do I find a CBD gummy manufacturer in Colorado?

Despite being one of the biggest hemp-producing states in the nation, Colorado is home to surprisingly few reliable CBD gummy manufacturers. Thankfully, neither state nor federal law prohibit Colorado businesses from buying bulk CBD gummies from producers in other states, allowing Colorado CBD companies to choose from among the wide variety of hemp white labellers present on the internet.

5. Where do I buy organic CBD gummies private label?

GVB Biopharma can work with you to ensure your CBD gummies meet any safety or sustainability requirements you may require. Despite increased consumer interest in all-natural and organic products, surprisingly few CBD white labellers offer hemp gummies that contain only organic ingredients. GVB Biopharma, however, offers complete customization throughout the CBD gummy development and formulation process.

If there’s an ingredient you’d like replaced or upgraded, all it takes is a single phone call. With a wider selection of ingredients and more reliable processes than any competitors have to offer, GVB Biopharma is the be-all, end-all of customized CBD gummy white label solutions.

6. Are CBD gummies FDA-approved?

No, as of April 2022, the FDA has not approved any CBD gummy products. Keep in mind that the FDA approves products, not substances. At present, the only FDA-approved CBD product is Epidiolex, a prescription drug intended to treat epilepsy and a small group of related conditions.

Revision of the federal government’s stance on CBD products has been long-expected but may take even longer to fully materialize. In the interim, the 2018 Farm Bill provides all the legal protection necessary for CBD white labelers to produce gummy products and for hemp brands to sell them to consumers.

7. Are CBD gummies legal in all states?

The 2018 Farm Bill stipulates that natural Cannabis sativa products containing less than 0.3% THC are industrial hemp, not marijuana. As a result, interstate CBD commerce is common, and operators generally only raise the ire of the federal government when they make illegal medical claims.

Certain states or municipalities may have established local rules related to CBD commerce, however. Make sure to check in with relevant authorities in your area to determine the precise legality of CBD gummies and related hemp products.

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THC & CBD Gummy Supplement Manufacturers – Pectin, Starchless Technology, Various and Custom Shapes, Sizes and Molds

Looking for THC & CBD Gummy manufacturing? The secret to any business’ success is being able to seperate yourself from industry norms through innovation. When trying to make an impact in the pharmaceutical, OTC, and dietary supplement industry, the one thing that has always shown to be the main differentiator is your brand’s ability to bring a new product to the market first.

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Superior Supplement Manufacturing recognizes that this not only sets the industry trend, but it also creates brand awareness that resonates with the consumer. For this very reason, Superior Supplement Manufacturing is excited to announce that they are the first in the industry to offer your brand THC and CBD gummies.

thc infused gummies

When it comes to contract manufacturing, Superior has always been at the forefront of innovation, and when it comes to producing THC gummies, Superior will once again illustrate why we are your premier turnkey solution in creating your brand’s next largest grossing SKU. Our capacity will never be outweighed by your demand because our facilities are capable of producing millions of units per day!

Interested in Producing a THC Gummy?

When trying to manufacture a THC gummy, avoid industry faux pas such as manufacturers that spray dry their gummies with THC versus utilizing the infusion process, and/or facilities that utilize gelatin (animal based product/low-melting point) as their gummy base versus pectin (plant based product/high-melting point).

When trying to maintain the integrity of your THC gummy, all brands will come to realize that consistency is king, and the only way to ensure a high quality product would be through the manufacturing process of THC infusion. As leading THC manufacturers we always infuse our gummies for superior consistency and potency. Spray methods are inferior to infused gummies.

Without this proprietary process, your brand could experience inconsistencies with the quality of its products when it comes to third-party testing. Don’t take chances! When trying to develop your THC gummies, come to a trusted source that can guide you in creating the perfect gummy.

We Offer The Following THC and CBD Gummy Manufacturing Technologies

  • Pectin: We use pectin (plant based) material instead of animal based gelatin.
  • Infused not Sprayed: Our gummies are always infused with our premium ingredients and not sprayed like many manufacturers. Infused gummies are truly superior to spray.
  • Starchless Technology: We offer starchless molds that allow for a cleaner label claim and no use of corn or gmo materials.
  • Various Mold Shapes and Sizes: We can create a wide range of shapes, sizes and customizable molds. Choose from drops, wedges, slices and more
  • High Production Output: We can offer up to 10+ million gummies production per day.
  • Certifications: Our gummies are produced in facilities that are of the highest quality in the industry and we can offer organic, non gmo, kosher and other certifications that are needed.

What is THC?

Other than its sister counterpart CBD, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or otherwise known as delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is considered a secondary metabolite of the marijuana plant. Studies have shown that the marijuana plant utilizes its budding flower as a defense mechanism to ward off living organisms that would decide to use the plant as a food source. In retaliation to its possible consumption, the marijuana plant will produce THC through tiny glands on the surface of the plant called trichomes.

Despite having psychoactive properties, THC has been proven to have the ability to help your body fight the following ailments:

  • Combats Pain
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Glaucoma
  • Insomnia
  • Nasua
  • Combats certain forms of cancer
  • & Anxiety


Have a question? Our team is available 24/7 to take on any and all inquiries. The next time you have a question about the production of THC gummies, turn to the best in the industry, Superior Supplement Manufacturing.