CBD Gummies Make You Laugh

CBD Gummies Make You Laugh 19 June, 2020 at 1:39 PM ELC is excited to announce that we will be offering our three summer Junior campus programs (at UCLA, UCSB, and Boston) as well as our Adult Cannabis has a way of making everything funnier, but do you know the biological basis of why it makes us laugh? Why does marijuana make you laugh? What kind of weed makes you laugh the most? Get the answers and a list of the best strains for laughing in this post.

CBD Gummies Make You Laugh

19 June, 2020 at 1:39 PM

ELC is excited to announce that we will be offering our three summer Junior campus programs (at UCLA, UCSB, and Boston) as well as our Adult Campus program (at UCLA) for summer of 2022. Please contact Jennifer McEleney at [email protected] for more information or to book a course.

19 June, 2020 at 1:39 PM

ELC is excited to announce that we will be offering our three summer Junior campus programs (at UCLA, UCSB, and Boston) as well as our Adult Campus program (at UCLA) for summer of 2022. Please contact Jennifer McEleney at [email protected] for more information or to book a course.

Why Does Cannabis Make You Laugh?

One of my favorite things about cannabis is its ability to shed a humorous light on everyday life. Like this Leafly user so eloquently puts it in a Blue Diesel review, “I laughed so hard that I threw up. And that made me laugh more. It was terrible.”

Okay, so most people won’t literally bust their guts over cannabis like this reviewer nearly did, but the point is that marijuana can make things seem hilarious, and that’s a beautiful thing whether or not your mood is in need of a boost. But as we prepare to launch Leafly’s first comedy tour in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Denver, the question occurred to us: why does cannabis make everything funnier?

Why Do We Laugh?

Before understanding how cannabis affects humor, it’s helpful to know what’s happening in the brain that causes laughter. Neuroscientists admit that it’s difficult to isolate specific reasons for laughter, as it involves multiple areas of the brain governing motor function, language, memory, auditory interpretation, and logic. Laughing is a motor reflex prompted by our interpretation of humor, which is a complex idea comprised of many different building blocks like our cultural, linguistic, and social contexts. MRI scans, however, have shown that humor is processed primarily in the frontal and temporal lobes of the cerebral cortex – and that’s where we start to see cannabis play its role.

Cannabis Stimulates Brain Areas Associated with Laughter

Studies show that cannabis stimulates blood flow to the right frontal and the left temporal lobes, areas of the brain which are also associated with laughter. In this way, it could be that over-activity in these cortical regions, thanks to THC, invites laughter. Could that explain why we laugh so hard even at stupid things while high? Science hasn’t revealed the extent to which that increased blood flow is directly responsible for stimulating laughter, but it’s certainly a target for future studies.

Cannabis Improves Moods

THC binds to receptors in the brain that modulate neural signaling, leading the blissful, happy effects we feel while high. A few reports, like these 2005 and 2007 studies, even suggest that cannabis compounds may promote neurogenesis in some areas of the brain for an anti-anxiety and anti-depression effect. And here’s another way to think about it: scientists have noted that the brains of depressed subjects show decreased activity in areas of the brain associated with humor, and if cannabis is able to replenish that activity, finding a good laugh is going to be easier.

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Despite the promising results of these studies, there’s a shortage of clinical trials analyzing these effects in human brains. But there’s certainly enough there to speculate a chemical link between laughter and the THC in cannabis.

Laughing is Socially Contagious

When you’re stoned and in hysterics, it’s likely that you aren’t sitting at home alone (although scrolling through this Reddit thread by myself yesterday completely contradicts this assumption). In the same way that friends might like to crack open a beer together, cannabis is a social bonding experience. So in addition to the fact that cannabis brings a boost to our mood and stimulates areas of the brain associated with laughter, simply sharing the experience with someone else can make laughing easier. Why? Because laughing is contagious.

The reasons for this are still emerging in science, but researcher Sophie Scott dedicates her studies to the social role of laughter. In a TED Talk, she explains, “It’s an enormously behaviorally contagious effect. You can “catch” laughter from somebody else, and you’re more likely to catch laughter from somebody else if you know them. It’s modulated by the social context.” In fact, you’re 30 times more likely to laugh when in the company of another.

So in summary, cannabis appears to stimulate laughter by changing blood flow in the brain and exciting related neural pathways, and the presence of loved ones seems to only make laughing fits worse. We’re waiting for research to bring conjecture to proof, but considering the difficulty in studying even its medicinal, life-changing potential, it may be a while. Until then, just appreciate the fact that cannabis helps awaken the humor in us, making life a little less stressful.

What Strain Makes You Laugh the most? 7 Best Giggly Strains

We have been preparing a list of cannabis strains that are associated with some effects. There are posts already on the most euphoric strains, best cannabis strains for energy and productivity, and marijuana strains for creativity. Please refer to the posts if you missed them.

Due to the public demand, we have also prepared a post on the best giggly strains. These are weed strains that make you laugh, mostly preferred for mood lifting and hangouts. But is it true that weeds can make you laugh? And if so, how do they induce the giggly effect? We have the answers to your questions in this post, including a list of marijuana strains that make you laugh.

Why Does Marijuana Make You Laugh?

It feels good to just laugh your worries away, especially after a long day at work. Laughing helps the body in many ways, including relieving emotional tension. Giggling or laughing is a reflex reaction, just like yawning, coughing, or sneezing. Both of these can be induced by using appropriate stimulators.

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If you are a regular stoner, then you must have smoked cannabis strains that make you laugh. These giggly strains have been recommended for mood-boosting and are ideal for hangouts. But what is the connection between weeds and laughing? Is there any scientific explanation for these responses?

The parts of the brain responsible for the giggles are the right and left temporal lobes. Cannabis strains that make you laugh enhance blood flow to these regions of the brain. Also, the THC in these giggly strains stimulates endocannabinoid receptors to release dopamine and serotonin. These are nicknamed the happy neurotransmitters that will make you find humor in almost everything. The giggles you experience after smoking some weed strains are attributed to increased blood flow to the parts of the brain mentioned.

What Kind of Weed Makes You Laugh, Indica or Sativa?

Indica and Sativa are used to describe two different species of marijuana that are associated with given psychoactive effects. Indica or Indica-dominant weed strains produce a full-body high that throws your body into a deep state of relaxation. Sativa, on the other hand, creates a head high that makes you more focused and energized. But how do they compare regarding the laughter effects? What strain makes you laugh the most?

Both Indica and Sativa strains have terpenes. These are the chemicals in the cannabis plant responsible for aroma and taste profiles. It is the high chemovars in the terpenes that make you laugh. Marijuana strains have different chemical compositions. So, it does not matter whether it is an Indica or Sativa strain you smoke, but most giggly strains of weed tend to be Sativa.

For example, myrcene is a terpene that has been associated with giggly feelings. Limonene and pinene are also in this category. If these terpenes are in high percentages in a given cannabis strain, it becomes one of the giggle weeds.

Best Weed Strains That Make You Laugh

Many stoners prefer weed strains that make them giggle and will be, undoubtedly, looking for the best weed for laughing high. We have made it easy to find these laugh weeds by compiling a list of seven of them. Check them out!

Laughing Buddha

As the name suggests, this is the weed that makes you laugh at everything and anything. If you are moody or have just been carried by worries, then a treat with the appropriate doses of Laughing Buddha will have you smiling in no minute.

Laughing Buddha has a THC content of about 18% and is an award winner of the 2003 Cannabis Cup. It is a Sativa-leaning strain resulting from a cross between Jamaican and Thai weed strains. This marijuana strain has a distinctive taste that will stick to your palate long after the last puff.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is another Sativa-dominant strain that will make you laugh the most. It originated from a cross among three different weed strains: Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. This strain is one of the most potent laughing weeds, with a high THC content topping at about 28%.

As expected, Gorilla Glue has happy and uplifting effects and features chocolate and coffee flavor profiles and is recommended for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, nausea, etc.


Chemdawg is a Sativa-heavy hybrid strain originating from crossing OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The weed strain has a pungent, sour smell and taste inherited from one of its parents. Its maximum tested THC is 20%.

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If you are looking for the best giggly weed that will make you happy and relaxed after a long day, then look for Chemdawg. Its mild potency makes it just the right laughing weed for both regular and novice stoners. Medicinally, it is recommended for AAD, stress, nausea, and chronic pain. Smoke your worries away in a flush with Chemdawg.

Green Crack

Green Crack strain is a highly potent strain that can make you laugh until your cheeks hurt. Its giggly effect bounces on you soon after taking the puff, making you smile your woes away. Its maximum THC content is about 24% and 0.1% CBD.

Green Crack has tangy and fruity flavors. This sweet, citrus, and floral flavor have attracted many stoners to this particular strain. It is best recommended for patients with anxiety, pain, nausea, and those depressed.

Durban Poison

Durban is a pure Sativa strain with an average THC value of 24%. Due to the high potency, this strain will hit you hard and strong in the head with a burst of happy feeling. It is also great for creativity and energy, meaning it is the best weed strain that will keep you smiling while at work.

Durban Poison has an unknown lineage. It was imported to the United States from South Africa in the 1970s by a marijuana activist, Ed Rosenthal. Since then, it has served more than just being a giggle weed. Patients with nausea, anxiety, chronic pain, and other conditions have depended on it.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a famous weed strain. This Sativa-dominant hybrid exhibits characteristics of Indica in its bid structure. It is one of the heavy hitters we have on this list of best marijuana strains for laughing, with an average THC content of 20%.

OG Kush comprises 75% Indica and 25% Sativa with a lineage of Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush. Its happy feeling effect is associated with couchlock. So, it is the best laughing weed strain to use just before going to bed if you want to fall asleep stress-free.

Sweet Diesel

Sweet Diesel comes as the last on our list of the best laughing weed strains, but that does not mean it has less giggly effects. If you feel depressed, anxious, and down, a few puffs of this strain will make you forget your worries. You will be uplifted and ready for hangouts with your peers.

Sweet Diesel is a hybrid strain resulting from crossing OK Kush and Sour Diesel. Its THC content ranges from 10-22%. This is one of the giggly weed strains effective in relieving emotional tension and bringing a feeling of laughter. Use it to get back into the mood for social gatherings.

Best Giggly Weed Strains at The Lodge Dispensaries

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