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Cardinal Konrad Krajewski Visits Newly Discovered Mass Grave Site in Ukraine VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Standing near a mass grave site in eastern Ukraine and seeing the delicate and solemn removal of Struggling to orgasm? Or want to increase your libido? Here’s how CBD can help you!

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski Visits Newly Discovered Mass Grave Site in Ukraine

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Standing near a mass grave site in eastern Ukraine and seeing the delicate and solemn removal of bodies, Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, papal almoner, said he could only pray.

“I knew I would find so many dead, but I met men who showed the beauty that is sometimes hidden in our hearts,” Cardinal Krajewski said after visiting the mass grave in the northeastern city of Izium.

“They showed a human beauty in a place where there could have only been revenge. Instead, there wasn’t,” he told Vatican News in an interview published Sept. 19.

Russian forces fled the area after Ukraine launched a counteroffensive to regain occupied territory. In a forest near Izium, soldiers found a mass grave site with the remains of an estimated 500 people.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in a video message, said investigators saw evidence that some of the victims had been tortured.

Similar mass grave sites were found earlier this year in other areas formerly occupied by Russian forces.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied Russia’s involvement in the atrocities, and repeated accusations that mass grave sites were staged by Ukraine, the Reuters news agency reported.

Cardinal Krajewski, who was accompanied by Ukrainian Bishop Pavlo Honcharuk of Kharkiv-Zaporizhia, said the careful removal of the bodies in Izium seemed like a solemn liturgy.

“There was one thing that touched me so much,” he told Vatican News Service. “These young Ukrainians were pulling out the bodies so gently, so quietly, in total silence. It looked like a ‘celebration’; nobody was talking but there were so many policemen and soldiers there — at least 200 people. All in silence, with an incredible appreciation for the mystery of death. Truly there was so much to learn from these people.”

Noting that the workers removed the bodies as if they were doing it “for their own families, for their parents, children, siblings,” Cardinal Krajewski said that he and Bishop Honcharuk could only watch and pray.

“The bishop and I were walking around among them. I was reciting the Divine Mercy Chaplet the whole time; we were there for at least three hours. I couldn’t do anything else,” he said.

“This is what has stayed with me now that I’m back in Kharkiv. I am in the chapel and think about these young people,” he said.

In an interview with Vatican News published Sept. 17, Cardinal Krajewski said he and several others came under gunfire while delivering humanitarian aid to suffering Ukrainians on Pope Francis’ behalf.

The Polish cardinal was delivering goods in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia with a Catholic bishop, a Protestant bishop and a Ukrainian soldier when the attack occurred.

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“For the first time in my life, I didn’t know where to run because it’s not enough to run. You have to know where to go,” the cardinal said.

The cardinal and those with him managed to escape the attack and continued delivering goods loaded in a minibus.

The Dicastery for the Service of Charity announced Sept. 9 that Cardinal Krajewski would embark on his fourth trip to Ukraine and visit Odesa, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv and other locations in eastern Ukraine.

The purpose of his visit, the dicastery said, was to provide support to “various communities of faithful, priests and religious, and their bishops, who for more than 200 days continue to remain in the places of their ministry despite the dangers of war.”

“It is a silent and evangelical trip to be with the people who are suffering, praying and comforting each of them, showing with his presence that they are not alone in this situation that is only bringing destruction and death,” the statement said.

Speaking by telephone with Vatican News, Cardinal Krajewski noted that his visit to Ukraine coincided with the ninth anniversary of his episcopal ordination and his appointment as papal almoner.

The cardinal said he spent the day loading a minibus with provisions and rosaries blessed by the pope and delivering them to people in areas where “no one besides soldiers enter anymore.”

Witnessing the devastation of war in the country on the day of his anniversary, Cardinal Krajewski told Vatican News that it was a “day without mercy” in which “there are no tears nor words.”

“We can only pray and repeat: ‘Jesus, I trust in you,’” the cardinal said.

5 Surprising Ways CBD Can Help You Have the Best Sex of Your Life

Struggling to orgasm? Or want to increase your libido? Here’s how CBD can help you!

These products are not intended for use by persons under the age of 21. It’s important to consult your doctors with any medical concerns, and before making any changes or adding supplements to your health plan.

CBD or cannabidiol has gone beyond being a celebrity trend and is now a go-to for wellness and medicinal purposes. It has been linked to decreasing inflammation, anxiety, nausea, and more. In fact, what may have seemed like the “cool” thing to do for fun has actually helped hundreds, if not thousands of people (and even pets) with a myriad of ailments!

But while we’ve grown accustomed to hearing what it can do “medical” wise, there’s much to explore as to what it can do for us in bed. According to studies, all of these benefits have resulted in an increase in pleasurable experiences in the bedroom. Still not sure how? Here are five ways CBD can help improve your sex life:

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Top Five CBD Benefits For Sex

1. CBD helps women with pain during sex

According to studies, 40 percent of women suffer from “dyspareunia” during sex – this is the medical term for genital pains that happen before, during, or after sex. Symptoms include penetration (be it sexual or even inserting your tampon), a burning or aching pain during thrusting and throbbing pain that lasts even after intercourse.

Dyspareunia makes it difficult for women to enjoy sexual intercourse. Basically, one’s pain is signaled through your endocannabinoid system involving your endocannabinoids and endocannabinoid receptors. To decrease the pain, CBD alters the chemical structure of the latter to decrease the pain, and increase relief.

Nirvana CBD offers CBD shots that come in a myriad of delicious flavors so that it’s easy to take! Before intercourse, you can take one shot which contains 33mg of CBD, and wait for the relaxing and calming effects to kick in for an enjoyable sexual experience.

Click here for the Nirvana CBD 40-piece shot pack. No need to keep ordering online, you can take a shot of CBD anywhere, anytime you need to!

2. CBD relieves anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, then having sex may seem like a chore to you. Sex is a mental and emotional experience that needs a relaxed mind to enjoy. Being anxious not only affects your performance, but it can hinder you from getting into the mood at all. Thankfully, CBD has been proven effective in easing one’s anxiety.

CBD increases the brain’s sensitivity to serotonin and lowers cortisol, both resulting in lowered anxiety and heightened sexual performance. If you know you’re about to get intimate with someone, it’s best to take CBD 30 minutes or an hour before “go time” so that the CBD has time to enter your bloodstream and to take effect.

Some of the best CBD oils that people swear by are from Nirvana CBD. Their best selling product is the CBD Vanilla Tincture which tastes like candy, so it’s easy to digest. All you have to do is shake the bottle, fill the dropper, and empty it under your tongue. Hold the liquor for a minute, swallow, and wait for it to take effect!

3. CBD Increases Orgasms

At the end of the day, great sex equates to great orgasms – and not being able to reach that point may be disappointing for both parties. If you or your partner have been struggling to hit the big O, then don’t worry – CBD to the rescue. In 2019, a study showed that cannabis extracts were effective in increasing longer and intense orgasms.

This has to do with CBD being a major vasodilator that relaxes blood vessel muscles, which then allows blood to rush to your sexual organs to increase and increases nerve sensation around them. All of this results in enjoyable and pleasurable orgasms you’ll want again and again.

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If you want to hit the big O, then you can either take a CBD shot or CBD oil with a dropper. But if you’re looking for CBD that’s easier for you on-the-go and that’s easier to take, you should buy Nirvana CBD oil capsules. Each bottle contains 30 gel capsules, each with 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD that you can simply pop into your mouth for ingestion.

4. CBD for Erectile Dysfunction

With about 30 million men suffering from erectile dysfunction in the United States, it’s no surprise people are looking for organic and safe ways to address the issue. Though more studies need to be conducted, it’s been said that since CBD has a myriad of anti-anxiety effects, the blood vessels become relaxed enough to increase and speed up the blood flow to the penis.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and it takes too long for your penis to get up, if it’s able to get up at all – then CBD is your new best friend. You can opt for the CBD oil, shot, or capsule, but there are CBD gummies too. Nirvana CBD has CBD gummies that come in pineapple, grape, apple, and more. Whatever the flavor, it’s sure to put a smile on your face – before and after sex!

5. CBD increases your Libido

Apart from chemistry and a physical attraction, another thing necessary for great sex is an increase in energy level. One way to kill this is by being stressed or anxious, after all, studies have shown that the stress hormone cortisol is the culprit behind lowering your libido. Take note that this may be applicable to women only though, especially ladies with sexual performance anxiety.

For women, CBD reduces the cortisol by triggering the serotonin receptor and activates their parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which makes them calm and more sensually receptive, thus increasing their sexual arousal. To really get into the mood, you may want to start off with a sensual massage – good thing there’s CBD body lotion!

The Nirvana CBD body lotion is usually used to target problem areas that need pain relief, but it can also be used all over the body to give off an overall soothing effect.

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