Is weed legal in Ireland?

Is cannabis legal in Ireland. Prevailing attitudes in Ireland still consider the marijuana plant as dangerous, in contrast to the support of strictly controlled medical cannabis. Nonetheless, personal possession and consumption is treat as a minor offence. But could the Irish be softening its stance on cannabis and be in the early stages of legalization?

Cannabis is being consider an illegal substance in Ireland since 1934, although today the police have wide discretion in the enforcement of marijuana possession laws. buy jungle boys tins online ireland. In 1996, cannabis is an unschedule drug, allowing for penalties less harsh than for other substances on the illicit market.Is cannabis legal in Ireland

Hemp and CBD, however, are legal in Ireland, and similar to other markets, the CBD rush is happening in Erie as well; one industry expert estimates that CBD could create 80,000 jobs and revitalize moribund rural economies. The cultivation of the cannabis plant for hemp and CBD is strictly control,. Cannot be grow alongside public roads or in public view, and cultivators are subject to Garda (police) vetting.

Like CBD and hemp, medical marijuana is legal, but strictly regulate. With a five-year pilot program recently signed into law and expect to go into effect soon. The new law allows doctors to prescribe cannabis to their patients to treat specific symptoms arising from multiple sclerosis. Chemotherapy and epilepsy, and only when other methods to abate conditions have proved ineffective. Is cannabis legal in Ireland

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